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Mac Haik Management - MHM 

Mac Haik Management LLC (MHM) has managed as much as 4.5 million square feet of commercial properties throughout Texas at any given time with an average tenant retention rate of more than 97%.  MHM has been involved in leasing, management, asset disposition, consulting, construction, janitorial, security, architectural and fee development services for commercial real estate properties ranging in size from 13,000 square feet to more than 654,000 square feet with leases that range from 800 square feet to 600,000 square feet.  Key personnel share a combined 176 years of experience and the execution of over 21 million square feet of commercial leases. With qualified and experienced personnel leading the organization, MHM is presently entrusted with properties valued in excess of $728 million.

While the management of office buildings is typically a thankless job and receives attention only when there are problems, I would like the Mac Haik Management team to know that we sincerely appreciate their work and dedication on behalf of Memorial Hermann. The fact that we do not have more problems or do not have to spend much time discussing or worrying about the management of our office building is a tribute to their work and management.

Memorial Herman Healthcare System

Houston, Texas

From a management perspective, you out-performed our expectations. Your efficiency on the Kirkwood Atrium Office Park-3 Building was commendable. The below market operating expenses are indicative of your commitment to the project and your conscientious day to day involvement. The tenants of the Kirkwood Atrium Office Park-3 Building obviously feel the same as is evidenced by the high retention rate of existing tenants.

Dan Associates, Real Estate Investors

New York, New York

All of your company’s services have been top-notch over the past twelve years. Due to my twenty-four years experience in the real estate industry, I know a lot of management companies that talk a good game, but very few perform. When you see it being done "right", you again realize that contrary to the hype put out by very big management companies, in reality very few do it right. We have really enjoyed working with your firm and trust that the relationship will continue to be mutually beneficial. 

Revac Inc.

Houston, Texas

We have been greatly pleased with the quality of service that you have provided, as well as the fact that we have enjoyed substantial savings in comparing our overall cost of project management services with prior costs. Possibly just as important is the fact that we can feel comfortable that we are being assisted in decisions that affect our day-to-day functions and present and future facilities which allows us to totally employ our key personnel in areas of our core business, which best utilize their expertise. 

Northeast Medical Center Hospital

Humble, Texas

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