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Mac Haik Restaurant Group


Mac Haik Restaurant Group (MHRG) represents a new age of premier restaurants built from a portfolio consisting of concepts committed to integrity, honesty, and the advocation of health and wellness. 

Donation Requests:

Mac Haik Restaurant Group enjoys serving our guests and the communities that surround our business locations. Therefore, we often donate to 501(c) (3) charities that benefit those local communities. Donations, which are typically made in the form of Brunch Bucks, BOGO Coupons, or gift certificates, may only be approved and distributed by the Corporate Office. 

All requests should be on the organization’s official letterhead and must include all of the following: 

  • Official name of the organization 

  • Physical address of the organization

  • Name, phone number and email of the representative

  • Federal Tax ID number and copy of the 501(c)(3) determination letter 

  • Specific donation request and how it will benefit the organization

  • Date the donation is needed

  • Disclose if a past or current employee of MHRG is associated with the organization or event 

Requests that do not include the required information will not be considered. Donation requests must be emailed to All requestors will be notified by email if their donation request is approved. Due to the high volume of requests, it is not possible to honor every request made

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